What makes a Designgoddess?


Lucinda is a formally trained graphic designer with over 25 years in the graphic design field. She has a background in magazine and newspaper advertising as well as editorial design. Continued training in social media advertising, email marketing design, landing pages and more makes Designgoddess ideas fresh.

"The term 'Designgoddess' was just a nickname given and it stuck.
It's been my best marketing tool since.
Who wouldn't forget the Designgoddess?!"


In 1998 Lucinda started this mini design agency serving businesses in need of marketing for small to mid-size projects that are under served by larger agencies. She has consulted multiple startup to mid-size businesses on high-impact, low cost marketing solutions to get them noticed and created customized and influential designs for print, web and social media for 100s of clients over the last 19 years. 

Let Lucinda create a fresh vision for your next marketing project.