Let us create your visual story.


Designing a brand can be complicated or simple, but in the end it needs to look effortless. Let Lucinda take you through her process to spark visual success for your business.

Norwalk PTO Fun Night T-Shirt

Keeping it in the visual family

We love branding that packs a simple punch. For those who like simple...Designgoddess.com is for you.

Joining forces with Iowa DHS hits two of the Designgoddess passions...helping children and serving the community.


This visionary business consultant needed a new look for his book and branding. A book cover and vision for a new website were created look to compliment his vision.

We've enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Creative Movement Dance Company
creating themes for their annual concert.

My marketing needs to make people want to get up and dance and the Designgoddess ROCKS! Lucinda’s dual creativity and business skills are a powerful tool for my business success. Best of all I have a marketing plan that implements itself.
— Nina Brandsfield, Director of CMD

Vibrant Vision was another successful referral client. We've never met, but so enjoyed working together on this branding.

Every client deserves a signature look.


Show off your your business' best side. Lucinda has the experience and talent to take your print advertising to the next level while still staying on brand. It's time to shine!


Simply graphic


We live in an overstimulated world full of images and ads. Don't be overwhelmed trying to get your business to stand out. Let Lucinda show you new ways to create digital impact.


Creative Movement Dance Website

Creative Movement Dance Website